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Website upgrade

posted by Vic

2015-06-13 14:33:19
We have recently upgraded the website to HTTPS and have also added oembed tags support to the forum. Please report here any bugs you may find.

Warsow/qfusion source code gets checked

posted by Vic

2015-03-28 22:04:09
I've been meaning to write a blog post about this for a while but it is only now that I actually have gotten to it.

Those of you who interested in programming might have heard about the excellent PVS Studio tool, which is a static code analyzer for C/C++. PVS Studio first caught my attention when it was mentioned with praise in a twit by John Carmack. I didn't pay much attention to it back then as it seemed like a product a major-budget company could afford, with no chance of a hobbyist like me getting his hands on it.

cppcheck seemed like a free, open source-friendly alternative. Granted, it couldn't boast with integration to Visual Studio, which was (and still is) unfortunate, since this is my primary development platform/IDE.

Apparently, the folks at PVS Studio have had a change of minds and have started being really nice with Open Source community. With some help I was able to get in touch with the guys and received a 6 months license, usable with Visual Studio Community Edition. Popular products such as Linux Kernel and Libre Office have undergone checks by PVS Studio in recent months and now it's time for Warsow/qfusion to do the same!

On to the facts now:
1) full analysis of qfusion source code takes approximately 6 minutes
2) our code is of relatively high quality, only a few fixes needed to be made (see commit 1 and commit 2)
3) only 26 Level 1 Warnings are emitted, most of them can be safely ignored
4) Visual Studio runs as good as ever, no performance drops
5) cppcheck took 6 minutes to scan 'cgame' alone on the same machine

All in all, PVS Studio seems like a nice non-obtrusive tool, which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who uses Visual Studio for writing C/C++ programs.

Abandoned Warsow UI attempt posted on Github

posted by Vic

2015-03-19 10:05:35
A never completed attempt at modern-looking User Interface for Warsow is now available @ github. The original framework was written by Kurim, the mockup was contributed by alba.

I didn't want their work to get lost in vain so there it is, available for your hacking and amusement purposes. The code is compatible with current qfusion master.


Good luck and have fun!

Android version with touch controls preview

posted by adem

2015-03-05 20:45:30
A short preview of the 4-finger touch controls in the Android version of Warsow 1.6 on a prototype of the tutorial level. Video as well as port made by our new member - SiPlus. Tutorial map made by our well known friend, SolidFake, who joined Dev Team recently too.

Warsow needs YOU for the next Trailer

posted by KILLME

2014-10-29 20:03:46
Today is the day!

Alright thank you everyone for signing up.
Please try to join the warsow and TS³ channel about 15-20minutes before 8pm utc+1

IRC: #movsow
TS³: (channel WsW Trailer recording, password porkchops)

I'll host the wsw server myself and give you the ip when it's time.

Please read the original post and storyboards again.


Hey, I'm working at the next Warsow Trailer right now.
Since crizis wanted a fully scripted one instead of a fragmovie I wrote a little script and I need your help to realize it.

There will be a complex bomb scene which is fully scripted and I'll need 10 "actors" to record the demo.
There will also be duel, CTF and some DM but these don't need as many actors, this will focus on the bomb scene.

What you need:
-Teamspeak3 (microphone is not necessary)
-about 2-3 hours of time (and patience)
-some discipline (griefing and trolling around will just delay everything)
-bind xyz kill

Also this will not be a fragmovie, you'll have to "act" out a scripted bomb round, follow a certain route exactly and frag certain enemies at the right point of time.

Here are a few storyboard pages to get an Idea:
Page 2 (Bomb scene starts at panel 14)
Page 3

I'll host a server where I record multiPOV demos, you'll have to join it at the specified time aswell as the TS³ server. Also you'll have to chose certain player models.
If that doesn't work make sure to have these in your config:

cg_teamALPHAmodel ""
cg_teamBETAmodel ""
cg_teamPLAYERSmodel ""

The Warsow ServerIP aswell as the TS³ IP and the Date will be announced later.

Since everyone's got different time schedule please fill out this doodle:

Timezone is UTC+1

I'm confident that this trailer will be the most cinematic one yet but I'll need your help to pull it off.

-KILLME out.

"Illuminati" gibs preview.

posted by crizis

2014-10-07 08:07:10
Hello hello!

Here's little preview of new "illuminati" gibs (or, candy gibs :)), coming in 1.6.

VIDEO, watch at 720 @ youtube!!

- "Breaking glass" style- effect.
- Three different colors, orange, purple (Warsow brand colors), model color.
- Gibs keep initial player velocity.
- Gibs are affected by damage kick.
- Rotation.

Warsow Community Localization

posted by adem

2014-08-26 16:04:58
I've made a public project of Warsow Localizations. At first you need to sign up in order to edit localizations. Feel free to help or suggest other languages.

>>> <<<

It is quite simple and useful: there are overall translation progress bars, possibility to find only missing strings, you can use different available languages as a source. Translation consists of 3 part: main, cgame and ui. Also not all available strings are shown at one page, make sure you have checked bottom right to see over pages.

Latest localization pack [24.03.2015] (mirror)

Available codes - languages:
en - English (default)
be - Belarusian
zh - Chinese Simplified
nl - Dutch (Luxembourg)
fi - Finnish
fr - French
de - German
hu - Hungarian
it - Italian
ja - Japanese
lt - Lithuanian
pl - Polish
pt_br - Portuguese (Brazil)
pt_pt - Portuguese (Portugal)
ro - Romanian
ru - Russian
es - Spanish
sv - Swedish
tr - Turkish
uk - Ukrainian

To change language use console commands:

lang <a code from above>

Tips on maps' locations:
1) ^1 ^7 ^5 .. etc - color codes. It is suggested to use the same codes as presented in source, otherwise - none.
2) If you meet quake names of our items like "Rail" or "Shaft", it is better to use Warsow names i.e. "Electrobolt"/"Lasergun".
3) Try to keep locations' names short but informative.

P.S. If you want to work on other languages - post a message about your wish here in this thread.


posted by crizis

2014-06-15 12:04:41
Hello everyone.

The server and associated services (stat server, dpmaster..) will be moved to new server, starting from this moment.

I won't be shutting down the old server for your convience, but all new data in db's after this moment (12:00 Helsinki/fi time) will be lost :-)

UPDATE: All good now, and new server up

Warsow 1.51 released

posted by Vic

2014-06-08 16:48:40
Download Warsow 1.51

:: :: Changes from 1.5 to 1.51

+ Bugfix: builtin HTTP server now accepts URL-encoded resource URI's in queries.
+ Improvement: faster map loading times.

+ Feature: use binary cache for GLSL programs to improve startup time (cvar "gl_ext_get_program_binary", off by default).
+ Feature: asynchronous texture loader (cvar "r_multithreading", off by default).
+ Improvement: a lightweight GLSL shader is now used for simple materials with no normalmap, gloss or decals.

+ Feature: added multithreading support: sound mixer and background music loader now run in separate threads.
+ Improvement: normalized some of the game sounds to 0.9db.

+ Bugfix: fixed announcer volume slider.
+ Bugfix: other bugfixes.

+ Improvement: tuned Jason PadPork skin images for better performance and visibility.

+ Bugfixes.

+ Improvement: Warsow process isn't bound to single CPU core anymore (used to be a workaround for glitches caused by NVidia's 'Threaded OpenGL optimization")

+ Improvement: gamma ramp size can now take values up to 4096.

Warsow 1.5 released

posted by Vic

2014-05-02 14:28:46
After months of hard work and multiple test releases, we are proud to announce the long-awaited release of Warsow 1.5. The latest and greatest version introduces significant updates to all areas of the game.

Download Warsow 1.5

Jason Padpork, the heroic pig of war, has gone through a complete visual makeover. The new player model has been created from scratch by Matteo Pignatelli and funded by the Warsow community. We believe the new model manages to better represent the character that Padpork is, and to bring the player model up to date with the modern advances in Warsows visuals.

As moving around in the world of Warsow is one of the key skills a player has to master, we concluded that improvements to the movement mechanics were due. The newly improved default movement makes it easier for new players to get a grip of the basics, while simultaneously allowing experienced Warsowians to even further express their art of movement. However, old school movement is still available as a possible movement style.

Localization support has arrived to Warsow. For a game played all around the world, we feel that language-independence is a welcome addition to the global audience of this fast-paced shooter. Warsow 1.5 ships with 11 community-translated localizations (in Russian, Japanese, French, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian and Finnish), and there are many more to come. Warsow 1.5 automatically detects the language of your operating system and uses the localization of that language whenever available. Remember to check out this wiki article for a guide on how to participate in translating Warsow to your language!

In addition to a whole new Padpork, Warsow 1.5 also introduces other beautiful changes to the games visuals. The latest installment of our qfusion engine supports FXAA, a fast and powerful anti-aliasing method which can improve image quality when hardware anti-aliasing methods like MSAA or CSAA are not available or affordable.

Le dream on, the extremely popular duel map known to many as wdm2, has gone through a major facelift with stunning new textures and added details. Additionally, the improved qfusion engine introduces beautiful soft particle effects to explosions and halo shaders.

There are many cool things happening in the world of Linux gaming, and Warsow 1.5 is one of them. We have taken great care to make our latest release run smoothly on the open source radeon drivers, the input code utilizes XInput2, and our shipped binaries are fully compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy.

Server hosts will be happy to hear that 1.5 features a built-in HTTP server that significantly simplifies map downloads by removing the need to serve downloadable files through mirrors.

As with every release, we welcome constructive feedback on every aspect of the game. For more details, make sure to see the full changelog.

See you in the game!

Full changelog:

+ Feature: added built-in HTTP server (TCP port 44444) to serve UI AJAX queries and file downloads to clients.
+ Feature: added localization support to User Interface and HUD (the language is autodetected at the first startup).
+ Feature: added support for TrueType and OpenType fonts.
+ Feature: distinguish between left and right ALT, SHIFT, CTRL key presses.
+ Feature: gzip-compression of demo files.
- Feature: dropped support for Quake1 and Quake2 maps.
- Feature: dropped support for bitmap fonts.
+ Improvement: entities with active events use distance-based server side culling (prevents fast moving players from suddenly appearing in POV).
+ Improvement: optimized cinematics playback by offloading YCbCr->RGB color-space conversion to the GPU.
+ Improvement: domain names for master servers are resolved asynchronously at startup to prevent slow or N/A DNS servers from blocking.
+ Improvement (Linux): updated input code to use XInput2.
+ Improvement (Linux): hint the window manager to bypass compositing in fullscreen mode.
+ Improvement: increased the maximum number of simultaneously loaded models, sounds and shaders.
+ Bugfix: fixed various audio/video synchronization issues with cinematics.
+ Bugfix: force vertical synchronization during playback of fullscreen cinematics.
+ Bugfix: resampled Ogg/Vorbis sounds had the looping position set to wrong value.
+ Bugfix: editing a democam or adding a new one doesn't break spline paths.

+ Improvement: Revamped wdm2 visuals.
+ Improvement: Improved wdm12 lighting.
+ Bugfix: added missing clips to wbomb6.

+ Improvement: upgraded Jason Padpork player model.

+ Feature: Added 5 new tracks from Warsow OST.

+ Feature: moved renderer from the engine core to separate DLL.
+ Feature: rewritten rendering backend, GLSL2+-compatible.
+ Feature: GLSL shaders are now loaded from disk allowing customization and easing development.
+ Feature: added support for foliage surfaces and instanced rendering.
+ Feature: added 'soft particles' effect to explosions and halo shaders.
+ Feature: added FXAA support.
+ Feature: added RGB shadowmaps (fallback rendering path when GL_ARB_shadow extension isn't available).
+ Feature: added r_brightness cvar, useful for monitors that are too dark.
- Feature: removed planar stencil shadows.
- Feature: removed bloom.
- Feature: removed r_ignorehwgamma cvar and associated functionality.
- Feature: removed r_lighting_diffuse2heightmap cvar and associated functionality.
+ Improvement: Q3A shader commands previously processed on the CPU are now processed in vertex shaders on the GPU.
+ Improvement: optimized shadowmaps and changed them to use orthographic projection.
+ Improvement: added LOD support to shadowmaps (shadowmaps dynamically lower their resolution depending on the distance to the viewer).
+ Improvement: optimized VRAM footprint on modern GPUs for maps and models using half-precision floats.

+ Feature: added misc_video_speaker entity to steam synchronized samples from the nearby videomap shader with audio spatialization.
+ Feature: added func_timer entity.
+ Feature: added target_relay entity.
+ Feature: added target_delay entity.

HUD scripting:
+ Feature: new drawing commands: drawStringRepeat, drawStringRepeatConfigString
+ Feature: added new set of font commands: setFontFamily, setSpecialFontFamily, setFontSize and setFontStyle.
+ Feature: added #WEAP_INSTAGUN constant.
+ Improvement: improved scoreboard sorting (thanks hettoo).
+ Improvement: upgraded crosshair images to higher resolution (thanks adem).
- Feature: removed setFont command.
- Feature: removed %MATCH_TIME variable.

+ Feature: TAB-completion of player names in chat box.
+ Feature: added callvotes menu.
+ Feature: added "Watch on TV" button to chasecam menu.
+ Feature: Added Russian, Japanese, Frenсh, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Finnish localizations (language can be set manually with the “lang” console command).
+ Bugfix: fixed rare crash in server browser menu.

+ Feature: CTRL+MWHEEL up/down increases/decreases console font size.
+ Feature: added TAB-completion for "demo", "cinematic", "exec", "whois" and "stats" commands (thanks hettoo).
+ Feature: "imagelist" and "shaderlist" commands now accept glob pattern as an optional parameter.
+ Feature: CTRL+R now does bash-style command history search.
+ Feature: CTRL+C now works in Linux (thanks Kalhartt).

+ Change: changed knockback from splash weapons from linear to quadratic and removed horizontal distance clamping.
+ Change: changed riotgun pattern from spiral to a more traditional one, with wider horizontal spread.
+ Feature: added cg_gun_alpha console variable to control gun opacity.
+ Feature: picked up items now leave ghost trails in warmup mode.
+ Feature: allow vote changing. The maximum number of changes is controlled with server console variable g_vote_maxchanges (thanks hettoo).
+ Feature: added opcall "specstotv" which moves spectators to connected TV servers.
+ Improvement: improved autojoin balancing (thanks hettoo).
+ Improvement: optimized AI code.
+ Improvement: default movement physics are now closer to old movement style
+ Bugfix: map rotation now considers the current map too (thanks hettoo).
+ Bugfix: maps were always missing one spawn indicator.
+ Bugfix: walljumps had direction bias (more obvious on larger maps).
+ Bugfix: removed silent bits from hit sounds (thanks adem).

+ Feature: game modules are now C++ - compatible.
+ Feature: AngelScript 2.28.1.
+ Bugfix: fixed compilation with Clang.
+ Improvement: map models (prefabs) are now bundled with SDK.
- Improvement: C-compatibility layer removed from Angelwrap library.

+ Change: downgraded to libpng 1.2.


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